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Ever since, the dating world has been complex and full of intimidating subtleties, and the advent of the World Wide Web has only made it even more daunting. We don't think our ancestors were that worried about their dating profiles, but in the present, there does seem to be a whole lot more than the average guy can deal with, unless he wants to spend his whole day in front of the computer.

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What it is, however, is a handy app that allows men (why no women?

) to power search for hotties on, Plentyoffish and OKCupid, and filter results to one place, send messages using pre-loaded templates and wait for the lovelies to As Dating Site Dominator pontificates in its blog: Finding "the one" is a quest that humanity has been embarking on for generations, going back in time all the way to our very primordial ooze.

We know it's a big bad world out there when it comes to online courtship, so it's no wonder there's now something like Dating Site Dominator.

Let's just get this out of the way: it's not an S&M site, despite the name.

After trying it for free, you can purchase the app $19.95 per month (or $7.99/month for six months). And also, it's only for guys with PCs, so all you Mac guys: Sorry.

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