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What can you see yourself doing after Harry Potter?

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The director, Mike Newell, is an English director and its got a lot more of an English feel to it. James: *agrees* Chris and Alfonso were really nice to work with as well. *laughter* James: Goblet of Fire has to be my favorite so far.

Oliver: *agrees* Are there any behind the scenes pranks you can tell us about?

It is Oliver, not James, who has been with his girlfriend for 5 years. As for James, he used to have an American girlfriend, but for the past year he's been dating a girl from a UK seaside town.

When asked about spin-offs that they’d love to see happen, Tom pinpointed one on Gilderoy Lockhart. We haven’t heard from him in a while so that would be fun to see,” he shared.

*laughter* Until he heard his own character *lots of laughter* What was your reaction when you first saw your self as toys?

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