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At what point do you say that responsibility has been taken? I think a lot of her legacy is just now coming into focus—and the doors she opened.” Hearing the replaying of Hillary Clinton’s glass ceiling speech of eight years ago, as she takes on the mantle of the Democrats’ presidential nominee, has made Melissa feel that “my mom did the same thing for so many comedians and women writers in the industry. Before Celebrity Apprentice and since my mother passed—but before his bid for the presidency—Donald Trump has been a tremendous friend to my family, and tremendously supportive of me, in completely private ways.” “It’s complicated. Things won’t be the same again, but that doesn’t mean they won't be good.’ And that’s the truth. That might not make me less annoyed, less angry, less annoyed in the moment, but somewhere in my head it makes me feel better ‘cos I know we have that.’” “He was hit very, very hard by her death,” Melissa says. She wasn't some old lady he saw occasionally, but someone active in his life.” “That day was very hard for me,” says Melissa.

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I have no idea where I got it from.” For her mother, the constant fretting over gigs, working, and currency, was centered around “the fear of being forgotten, of being left behind, of never getting to do what she loved ever again, the fear of that being taken away.” Melissa pauses. “It doesn’t feel like an awful lot, because I am insane.

I’m like my parents: nothing ever feels like enough.” She is, Melissa adds, like her father in key ways—the calmer, more rational presence who stabilized her mother.

"It's probably why my mother and I were so good in business together.

I think before I speak, which was something very challenging for her--and that's putting it mildly. I don’t think I’m the marrying type any more (Melissa and her first husband, Cooper’s father, John Endicott, were divorced in 2003.) I just can’t see myself…I don’t know.

I’ve never met them, but apparently they very much loved the spirit and feel of the apartment. Anger, when it comes to a complicated death, is very tricky. People expect me to sort of not-be-human in my emotions.

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