Who is john mayer dating now 2016 speed dating lui

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Not to mention they weren’t hiding their affection when they were spotted dancing around to Justin Timberlake‘s “Rock Your Body” together. Orlando doesn’t have any films in production at the moment so who knows if the two are collaborating on a side project or just trying to get attention.Because we sure hope she isn’t stepping out on John, since they make one of music’s most gorgeous couples!

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Who is john mayer dating now 2016

We're a few days into a new year, so a lot of the folks reading this are currently brimming with motivation and positivity, but sadly, most of you will eventually fall back into your old ways. Yes, Katy and John Mayer ended 2015 with a bang, literally, as they were spotted having dinner together in Los Angerles, and then heading back to Katy's place in separate vehicles.

All you have to do is cut to the chase and kick off 2016 by repeating your worst mistake for the 4,000th time.

But before we start speculating that she might be officially stepping out on John, our insider noted that, “it was near the Sony Studios, so they could be working on something.” and Orlando walked into Fox with a massive entourage,” an insider at the party told us back on the big night. They had cameras following them around as if they’re trying to cause a scene.

But nothing happened with them.” Get Katy’s album .

John and Katy have reconciled many, many times before, and no, we don't really have any idea if they're actually dating or just making bedroom fireworks and exploring one another's wonderland-like bodies.

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