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By everyone else’s standards, I had everything I could possibly want: a big, beautiful home, a relationship with a famous actor. The increasingly frantic phone calls I received from Mickey begging me to come visit him indicated that things were not going as well as expected. The house was gorgeous: a classic Santa Fe adobe with breathtaking views through floor-to-ceiling windows, huge fireplaces, and a grand kitchen and living room.

I panicked, wondering which was more important: my life or covering up the fact that I’d been shot with Mickey Rourke’s gun?

On June 25, 1992, a limo picked me up in Los Angeles and drove me north up the coast to Big Sur.

My longing, my loneliness, everything that remained unresolved, had me buying into the hope that we could still set ourselves on the right course.

Carre Otis is currently married to Name Unknown - Carre Otis.

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