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He talks about what it means to be a celebrity, how he would meet, date and have relationships with the women in Hollywood and also provides other insights into how the world of dating operates in Hollywood. " [Antonio Sabato Jr.] I would say, one of my first jobs was doing a video with Janet Jackson, "The Love Will Never Do Without You." That video became one of the best videos in history, and I was so pleased to be part of it.

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[Angel Donovan] I'm just going to go through what I'm assuming would be a typical thing.

You'd meet them in one of these parties, and maybe you switch numbers relatively discretely or not, and then you'd start texting and stuff and then set up a dinner date or whatever. [Antonio Sabato Jr.] Yes, or to make it even safer, we can both meet up somewhere and get to know each other at one place and then take it from there very slow, a place that she's comfortable, places I'm comfortable, where I could pick her up or whatever.

That should be a lot of fun, and that will take me through pretty much the end of the year. My life was private to me, and the person that I was dating.

Now I can talk about it, but on the day, it was very private. When I go in, I go in, and I come out and I leave and nobody knows that I was there. I would say the relationships that I've had with the mothers of my children are the true relationships of my life, so I would say three.

Traveling, sometimes I've meet, but once again, not clubs and those kinds of things.

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