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Larter's initial character Niki Sanders, was a wife, mother, and a former internet stripper from Las Vegas who exhibits superhuman strength and alternate personalities who go by the names of Jessica and Niki."Ali read for the part and just owned it from the second she walked in," Kring said to the Chicago Tribune, "It was a very impressive audition." The movie, released in August 2007, was about an American actress (Larter) who goes to India and gets caught up in the exotic world of Bollywood.

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Smart had persuaded Larter to audition for the movie, That year she made appearances in the teen comedies Giving It Up and Drive Me Crazy.

Larter also starred in the horror remake House on Haunted Hill which was made for around $20 million.

He had written this really strong female character and for me, it was an opportunity to overcome my fear of singing and dancing because I have no professional training.

Also, I would get to live in another country for couple of months.

Major supporting roles in the comedy Legally Blonde and the romantic comedy A Lot Like Love led her to lead roles as the title character in Bollywood movie Marigold and in the 2009 thriller Obsessed.

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