Vuze not updating

by  |  06-Aug-2015 07:03

" When I choose YES, the installer will download the file but will fail and will show the Java error.When I choose NO, the installer will proceed normally but will show the same Java error.HTHSo, I have tried to unistall Vuze through the add/remove, and it says: Cannot remove 'azureus' One or more applications depend on azureus.

(That was a mistake)Have followed my advice in my post?

So: Have you searched for an option in Vuze not to check for an update? On another os I found vuze demanding that I update by torrent. I also found it to be one of the the torrent clients that uses a lot of resources.

I am currently experiencing this Java problem that I only encounter when updating my Vuze Bittorrent Client. Invocation Target Exception" After clicking OK button, the setup ends.

I am just updating it to newer version but every time I try, the error pops up. And when I re-try to install the update, the Vuze Installation Wizard will show this message: "The installer did not start up correctly on the last run. Do you want to download or manually select the JVM?

So, either I am stupid and it is downloading like a million updates all individually for some dumb reason, or something is broken. Real solution: Ubuntu should update Vuze in it's repositories.

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