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In 2007, it got discovered by a popular fantasy football forum, and suddenly I had 3 million visitors in 3 months. Until then I was using a lot of screenshots from video games as backgrounds, which I decided was a bit tacky (not that the whole game wasn't already a bit tacky).

The popularity surprised me, and my web server, forcing me to release it for offline play. Creating a city wide environment, means I had room to play and expand.

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I spent most of 2014 making it, calling it the "10th Anniversary Edition", but since then I dropped the add on, and called the old versions "classic".

Using the graphics from the new version I spent some of 2015 creating this Renpy version, a stand alone non-online version which is superior to any of the online versions in many ways.

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Without realizing it, I created an all new sub genre of "visual novel".

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