Validating microarray data interracial dating hispanic and white

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Validating Microarray Data Using RT 2 Real-Time PCR Products Introduction: Real-time PCR monitors the amount of amplicon as the reaction occurs.

Usually, the amount of product is directly related to the fluorescence of a reporter dye.

Most real-time systems detect and accommodate SYBR Green making the method very flexible; however, some instrumentation may also require the simple addition of a reference dye to normalize the system s optics.

SYBR Green specifically binds double-stranded DNA by intercalating between base pairs, and fluoresces only when bound to DNA.

Figure 1: Induction of TNFAIP3 gene expression in He La cells upon TNF-alpha treatment.

Total RNA was isolated from He La cells that were either treated with TNF-alpha (20 ng/ml, 30 min) or left untreated.

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