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I knew the statistics about penis size but that didn't give me confidence that mine was attractive or special. I reserve the right to convert such messages into embarassing admissions. You needn't be original, hearing that you are orgasming from imagining licking my dick head never gets old.I needed to hear someone say 'nice cock' and maybe 'you are big.' That brought me here and the reception I've received on CB has been heart warming and almost overwhelming. Remember that I can barely keep up with typing chat. 'So goes both ways, although too big isn't good.' The comments then began to get personal between Netmums members, with Sarah replying to Danielle saying: 'Hey leave us ladies with small boobies alone! Continuing the conversation about breasts, Jasmine said: ''Too big isn't good.'' 'I think that's how my other half feels about my breasts.'I know I'd be disgusted about a ridiculously huge penis and I wouldn't want it near me.'But in all honesty I think the main thing is if you and your partner can please each other size preference doesn't always matter.'Another contributor to the thread who identified as intersex introduced a new angle on the subject.

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She said: 'I really do believe it's what you do with it and all the emotional stuff that goes with it.'Another contributor made a good point and asked: 'How small is small?

Another contributor agreed, saying: 'Yes I do care.'They then put across their argument: 'If you gave most straight men a choice between small or big boobs though, I think most would pick big?!

If you ask me to look at your profile or pics, I probably won't be able to look.

Don't record my webcam feed and don't redistribute it.

Thank you, thelove between man and boy that was once synonymous with forbiddenhomosexuality.

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