Updating the beers criteria datingsite ervaringen nl

by  |  06-Jul-2015 11:02

They (and clinicians who treat them) are apt to attribute these problems to normal aging, when in reality they may be side effects of OTC or prescription medicines.

Working to improve institutional formularies to exclude potentially inappropriate medications is helpful as well. Fick indicates that one issue the criteria present is that they need regular updates (every 3 to 4 years), given the pace of evidence and newly approved drugs.

At this time, no update is planned, but pharmacists, nevertheless, should watch for updates. Wick is a senior clinical research pharmacist at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md.

Pharmacists who practice in long-term care are very familiar with the Beers criteria.

Many other pharmacists remain unaware that a national expert panel identified many medications or classes of medication—48, to be exact—that adults aged 65 years and older should avoid.

Their thorough review of the literature has created a high-quality reference document for general concerns.

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