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From Exchange 2007 onward, this let a server redirect Active Sync clients to a better, more appropriate Client Access Server within the organization. When a mailbox moves from on-premises Exchange Server to Exchange Online, the change is similar to a cross-forest mailbox move -- those accounts may mirror your on-premises Active Directory (AD), but they're in Microsoft's own AD forests.In an on-premises Exchange implementation, this allowed the Active Sync client to update settings as mailboxes moved. As a result, there was no technical mechanism built into Exchange to use its knowledge that the hybrid relationship was in place or to provide a similar redirection message to clients -- until now.Active Sync allows a mobile device to be synchronized with either a desktop PC or a server running a compatible software product including Expresso Livre, Microsoft Exchange Server, Atmail, Axigen, Horde, Ice Warp Server, Kerio Connect, Kolab, MDaemon Messaging Server, Novell Group Wise, Tine 2.0, Scalix, Zarafa, Zimbra or Z-push.

This will ensure that, at the very least, the new devices will automatically update.

Even if you haven't yet begun an Office 365 project, you can still prepare.

Active Sync does not support all features of Outlook.

For instance, contacts grouped into subfolders are not transferred.

One advantage of having your mailbox in Office 365 is that we usually deploy our innovations there first.

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