Twilight actors dating in real life

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Did seeing Robert Pattinson, 29, at the Met Gala have Kristen Stewart, 26, rethinking her own relationship with Soko?! However, a reconciliation is definitely not out of the question, according to the mag’s source. Rob was at the May 2 Met Gala with his fiance, FKA Twigs, but an eyewitness told Hollywood that he and Kristen shared a moment together, and even briefly embraced in a friendly way.

Coincidentally (or, perhaps, not so coincidentally! ), just days after the exes attended the same high-profile event, it’s been reported that Kristen and Soko have called it quits on their months-long romance. And while it’s very interesting that this news breaks just days after Kristen saw Rob, we also have to point out that there was some speculation among fans that the ladies had split even before Monday’s event. But seeing her ex in such a public setting obviously wasn’t easy for the “It was a bitter pill for her to swallow, but Kristen was happy to see Rob in a loving and happy relationship with [FKA] at the Met Gala,” an insider told Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.

Are you shocked Kristen and Soko broke up, Hollywood Lifers?

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