Try online dating

by  |  15-Aug-2015 08:29

Have you had zero success in meeting the ‘right person’ even after going on a dozen dates set up by your well-meaning friends?Are you tired of sitting across from a guy who looks good but shares no interests with you?

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One thing that made me uneasy was the fact that he was looking for a long term girlfriend, so I was a little nervous we were both looking for different things.

But after a few weeks, I kept asking my friends , who were familiar with POF what to do about meeting in person. I have heard horror stories of meeting people from online and even though I wasn’t against it, it still made me nervous.

After finding a profile that seems interesting to you, you can plan out what exactly you want to say to them, you have enough time.

This is a benefit which you rarely get when you meet someone interesting offline; they are there standing and you have to approach them and say something now before they walk away.

The registration process was a little long; it took a while to make my profile.

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