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Now, when you Google “sugar daddy,” hundreds of websites pop up.There are life coaches who offer instructions on how to be the best sugar baby you can be. Jones, has a Power­Point presentation dubbed “The Blueprint for Sugar Daddy Dating.” There is even a website called Sugar Daddy Finder, which includes a free e-book with such sage advice as: “High heels make your legs look long and lean [and] your ass look spectacular and pert, and can take any outfit to the next level.” Two of the most popular sugar websites are Seeking Arrangement and Sugardaddie, both U.

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She discovered that her looks—bright blue eyes, perfect breasts, prairie-flat stomach—were her ticket to modelling gigs and bit parts in TV shows, but the work was sporadic and paid poorly.

Two years ago, she moved to Toronto, looking for more opportunities.

Particularly, women should look for Ferraris, BMWs and Benzes.

Lawson still receives speaking requests and fan emails, but much of her book’s practical advice has become obsolete.

He slips it into her hand, delicate as a sparrow’s wing, and says, “For you.” Olivia sees it as a gentlemanly gesture; she never negotiated the amount, though many sugar babies do. If that’s what he wanted, she says, he could go somewhere else.

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