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The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, jointly managed by the RCMP, the Competition Bureau and the Ontario Provincial Police, also warned the public about what it dubs “sextortion.” Victims are lured into an online relationship through social media or pornographic websites; they are then coerced into performing sexual acts in front of the camera, the CAFC said.The victims are then told the event was recorded and, unless money is paid, that the video will be released through various websites like You Tube.I am very inexperienced with relationships (having only had two) and hope it won't get in the way …

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I'm a massive nerd who wants someone who will spend nights in to play video games together and watch movies :) Don't be alarmed, but I cosplay as both genders and spend any free time I have when I'm not playing Dn D dressing up like characters and going to conventions.

I'm also really shy /)_(\ Hiyyya there, i'm 18 and i'm a lesbian. I love makeup, and art is another important thing in my life along with animals.

I'm currently in a Early Childhood Education course in college, and i love it. I am an easy going person who loves spending nights in and nights out, I love travelling, camping, riding horses, and video games.

Working on my last few classes of college as an Animal Care student.

Police encourage dating site users to use privacy filters offered by sites to protect their personal information.

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