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by  |  25-May-2015 21:50

478 of their tag team title reign, which puts the trio on equal footing with Demolition for the longest tag title run in WWE history. 479 and take sole possession of the long-standing record.

The New Day didn’t clinch the record in easy fashion.

Foley later added Rollins and Reigns to the equation to make it another triple threat.

Some people are upset that Demolition’s record was broken and there are some that think The New Day has grown stale, but no matter where you stand on any of this, you have to respect how far Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E have come over the last two years.

Kingston was one of many superstars milling about in mid-card purgatory.

At least that is the way it looked on Raw after the main event.

Jericho blamed Owens for losing, as Owens tried to calm Jehim down by telling him that it wasn’t his fault, but Jericho was hearing none of it.

I say that not because I care that much about the Owens-Jericho friendship.

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