Stuck on validating identity

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These supervisory roles seem inherently inconsistent and require substantial articulation and attention.

While the role of supervisor is weighty, it is also replete with potential for growth, development, inquiry, and excitement.

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Marriage and family therapy and counseling psychology have been exceptions however.

Marriage and family therapists have a certification in supervision, which entails supervision of supervision.

Through collaboration and relationship, the supervisee grows.

Bernard and Goodyear emphasize the transmission of knowledge from a senior member to another in the context of evaluation with regard for legal and ethical considerations.

This relationship is evaluative, extends over time, and has the simultaneous purposes of enhancing the professional functioning of the more junior person(s), monitoring the quality of professional services offered to the clients that she, he, or they see, and serving as a gatekeeper for those who are to enter the particular profession” (p. ASPPB defined supervision as “the relationship focused on the development, enhancement and evaluation of the supervisee’s skills, knowledge and behavior in the practice of psychology” (ASPPB, 2003, p. In fact, the term “supervision” is derived from the Latin for super (above or over) and vision or sight. Falender and Shafranske place significant emphasis not simply on relationship, but also on self-assessment, processes of supervision, and the legal, ethical, and general context in which supervision occurs.

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