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He was sufficiently well thought of to be entrusted with the French (the French battle standard) during battle.There were questions raised at the time about its authenticity.Forensic experts have theorized about the exact cause of death. Pierre Barbet considers the cause of death of the victim to be cardiac and respiratory arrest due to hypovolemic and traumatic shock from crucifixion.

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“Some say the 14-foot piece of linen is Christ’s burial cloth.

They point to what appears to be the imprinted image of a man bearing wounds from a crucifixion. Regardless, the shroud has remained a wildly popular attraction for pilgrims from around the world.” The Shroud is certainly one of the most controversial relics in recent times.

There is no evidence of such an inquest in documents of the time.

Pierre stated that Henri had the Shroud removed from the church because it was a fake, yet other documents dispute this.

Pierre’s claim indicated that the inquest caused the cloth to be hidden for “35 years or so.” (We can date the Shroud to 1354 from this claim.) Pierre’s memo is not dated or signed, both required for any official correspondence.

Shroud of turin dating 2016

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