Shinhwa dating rumors

by  |  15-Apr-2016 00:37

Dating rumors are now coming out regarding Shinhwa's Junjin and actress Yoon Jin Yi ('Gentlemen's Class,' 'Reply 1994,' 'Finding True Love') as witnesses are saying the two were spotted on a vacation together, according to an exclusive report by MBN Star.

Overseas Koreans are coming out as witnesses, saying they saw the two enjoying a vacation in Singapore.

In addition, coincidentally, she acted in recent drama 'Finding True Love' with another Shinhwa member, Eric.

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One source stated, "Vacationers and Koreans living overseas witnessed the two of them enjoying a happy time together, which is rapidly spreading online."SEE ALSO: Shinhwa drop dance MV for 'Touch'According to multiple entertainment reps, the two of them got to know each other early this year through a gathering and have developed into a couple since.

He reportedly fell for her bright and cheerful personality while she fell for his dependable and manly self.

So I find it pretty cool from the guys (no matter the group) if they deny being a couple to also protect the girl, because clearly when a girl is publicly in relationship and then the couple is no longer together, the person who has the most problems in the eyes of the public (not just a fandom) is clearly it all depends on how the situation was managed, clearly with the girl of SPICA, it was very weird .. And even when they broke up, she kept talking about him whenever Spica had an activity to do.

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