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“Would I know right away if I was living with a sex addict? Spouses and partners of sex addicts are often unable to readily identify the fact that they are living with a sex addict.Sex addiction thrives on secrecy and compartmentalization and the addict will go to great lengths to wall off his or her addictive sexual behavior. “I wonder if my imagination is running away with me.” Sometimes the addict will make the...This failure leads to an inability to trust and to bond normally with another. Some people in sexual recovery are in a relationship or marriage that existed prior to their being treated and often prior to their addiction being found out.

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We miss the chance to get on the path to breaking free. When it comes to bad habits and addictions, people typically use one primary strategy in their attempt to break free—avoidance through willpower.

When they feel an urge to indulge in unwanted sexual outlets, most individuals who are trying to break free of the behavior, attempt to force the thought or urge out of their mind and avoid the situation.

So, in the funnel, stress and pain are blocked out and at the same time, we feel enormous pleasure.

The further we head down into the funnel, the more narrow our focus.

The logic centers of the brain shut down and the pleasure centers take over.

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