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In those days, we used pocket knives to sharpen our pencils.I had forgotten my penknife, and turned to ask a neighbor for his. When I tried to explain, he gave me a tongue-lashing for lying; worse, he forbade me to play on the basketball team in the upcoming big game.He was just twelve when his father, George Benson, was called to serve an eighteen-month mission in the midwestern United States.

Benson’s eldest great-grandson, but also because he idolized his father and, as a young boy, felt an unusual sense of security and deep pride in who he was.

Years later, after George Benson died, his eldest son overheard one of the few non-Mormons in Whitney say, ‘Today we buried the greatest influence for good in Cache Valley.’ Without question, George Benson was a powerful influence in the life of his eldest son” (Dew, The Benson home had a warm, enjoyable atmosphere.

And Ezra, as the oldest son, had to carry much of the responsibility for the farm.

One of President Benson’s most vivid memories of his father’s absence was of gathering around the kitchen table to hear his mother read her husband’s weekly letters.

The Bensons had the first phonograph in the area, and the boys had a basketball court with backboards at both ends and a dirt playing surface that George rolled until it was smooth and packed solid.

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