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In recognition of the fact that people may have 1 sex partner, investigators now ask subjects detailed information about all their partners (rather than recruiting a couple), which reflects an egocentric network study design (described below) Networks are typically represented as graphs, in which nodes denote people and links indicate a sexual tie between 2 people (figure 1).

Furthermore, we discuss other network-related phenomena that address network behavior, including mixing and concurrency, and the relatively new discovery of the formation of scale-free networks, since all these factors have important implications for the spread and control of STIs Societal determinants of sexual networks pertain to the underlying social, economic, cultural, and political forces, as well as the technological advances, in a country, region, or even smaller community that have macro effects on network formation.

These types of factors may be difficult to quantify and/or study formally [1]; yet, they warrant examination because they affect the availability of sex partners and influence partnership choices.

This approach allowed them to estimate the number of new partnerships, identify areas where commercial sex work took place, note differences in partnership dynamics between townships and business areas, and learn that condom distribution in many of the venues was inadequate for the volume of partnership acquisition.

This paradigm shift of moving from individuals to high-risk meeting places also was recently incorporated into an intervention to curb transmission of syphilis in Baltimore [6].

Although ascertaining complete sexual networks is difficult, application of this approach has provided unique insights into the spread of STIs that traditional individual-based epidemiological methods do not capture.

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