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A screen above the couch displays an error message and a chat room where men bark out explicit commands for the marionettes and their well-endowed puppet master. This is reality or, more accurately, a live 360-degree recording inside Camsoda's model house, an always-on content farm for live amateur sex.

If you ask the company's president, Daron Lundeen, it's the future of adult entertainment.

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Add to that an immersive new medium that promises to put the viewer right where the action is, and you seemingly have the recipe for the next big thing in adult entertainment.

When the tech and consumer interest finally catch up, early adopters like Camsoda will be there, ready to cash in, and I have no doubt that they will.

In a perfect world, users would not only be able to see what their favorite performers are doing in real-time, but to feel it too.

VR, teledildonics and live 360-degree streaming all present amazing ways of thinking about and having sex, but putting them all together before anyone one of them is ready for prime time is just one big technological boner-killer.

But when it comes to 360-degree live video, success is measured in more than a few good nuts.

Sex chat 360

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