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Of necessity, these memoirs repeat material more or less familiar to knowledgeable readers from previous biographies devoted to Fitzgerald, yet this material is pervasive only during the early chapters of also taps Sheilah Graham’s various autobiographies, Mr. Contrariwise, Sheilah Graham requested son Robert’s help, suggesting “I take on the family tradition of retelling her tale.” He “was not enthusiastic” at first, but, then, after she died in 1988, he realized his mother “was the best story I knew” and “[t]here seemed to [be] a painfulness about her tale that lingered and sought a resolution.” Lifelong friends, Sheilah and Scottie met during the summer of 1937, when the former was 33 and the latter 16.

Westbrook’s “anatomy of a love affair” seems equally fresh since Fitzgerald’s final three and a half years (1937—1940) have been “generally treated in a last thin chapter at the end of his life, a coda to his tale.” Both biographers were personally motivated. They immediately liked each other, and so, subsequently, the older woman gave Fitzgerald’s daughter several gifts and even defended her against a sometimes tyrannical father. Graham, then 82, “was devastated with grief” by the death of Mrs. Scottie and Sheilah were apparent opposites: one experienced “a golden childhood,” whereas the other spent her childhood and adolescence in the East End of London and the Jews Hospital and Orphan Asylum in Norwood; one possessed rich and famous parents who took her to Europe, whereas the other’s father died when she was ten months old, forcing his wife to become a washerwoman; one had no siblings, whereas the other had several; one attended the best schools (Ethel Walker’s, Vassar College), whereas the other passed up a high school/college scholarship to nurse her terminally ill mother; one began work at whereas the other took menial jobs, serving as maid, toothbrush demonstrator, and chorus girl; one married her Princeton boyfriend, who became a successful tax lawyer, whereas the other married an impotent dreamer 25 years older than she.

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Scottie, who used to play for the Chicago Bulls, now works for the Bulls as a special advisor to the team's president and COO.

'I feel like the people in Chicago are really grounded,' Larsa told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Scottie has accumulated an estimated lifetime earnings reported at around $120 millon. He unsuccessfully sued his former law firm for mismanaging his money which led to the loss of around $27 million of Pippen's money.

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