Scottish dating traditions

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The Reformation left Protestants and Catholics in conflict with each other and even though that conflict has lessened over the years it's still left its mark.

There are still separate schools for Catholic and Protestant children, and it even spilled over to our two famous and opposing Glasgow Football Teams ie Protestants support Rangers and Catholics support Celtic.

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Of course, other Scottish customs and traditions stem from our world-famous whisky, (or 'whiskey').

Of course, reams has been written on this subject and experts will give you unlimited advice on every aspect of enjoying this National Drink, from the type of glass to use, to the aroma and the very 'sipping' of this golden nectar.

Ex-pats might think nostalgically of Burns Suppers or even create their own wherever they are, or perhaps they might think not so much as eating haggis but having a good plate of Fish and Chips and Mushy Peas, or having a cup of tea with some fresh shortbread.

But certainly to many, the food and drink is indeed very much part of our Scottish Customs and traditions.

However, like most places in the UK, you will find a variety of other Churches such as Baptists, Episcopalians, Brethren Assemblies, Quakers, Methodists, Church of Nazarene, Pentecostal, Charismatic and a variety of other Independent non-conformist Churches.

Scottish dating traditions

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