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I do appreciate your web site and found some of the ages ammusing, but almost got caught with my pants down over the 17 year age, thank you for your time EDITOR: We do NOT agree with your interpretation.

Harris County sheriff's deputies had entered Lawrence's apartment after receiving a false report of an armed intruder inside but found the men having sex. A person commits an offense if he knows the material is harmful and does any of the following things: 1.

Under the sodomy law, homosexual oral and anal sex is a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $500. Knowing the person is a minor, he sells, distributes, exhibits, or possesses harmful material for sale, distribution or exhibition to a minor. He displays harmful material and is reckless about whether a minor is present who will be offended or alarmed by the display. He hires, employs, or uses a minor to do or accomplish or assist in doing the acts described in items 1 and 2.

The state has the responsibility to preserve public morals and homosexual conduct "represents a gross deviation from historic perceptions of morality," Hudson said. Also, if an adult who has sexual relations with a child can show that the child was 14 years of age or older at the time of the encounter, and that the adult is no more than three years older than the child, he or she cannot be convicted under this statute.

Sodomy laws, outlawing anal and oral sex, were once in force across all 50 U. states but have been repealed or struck down by courts in a growing number of states starting in the 1960s. Generally, an offense under this statute is a felony of the second degree, punishable by two to twenty years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.00.

Is there any provision in the law as it applies to the legal age of consent?

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