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However, the cultivation of the rarer varieties decreased over the years.

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The stigma surrounding poi has made it perhaps one of the most misunderstood of all foods.

Luaus geared toward island visitors serve poi in tiny white paper cups as if to warn visiting poi virgins to try it, but you probably won't like it.

A friend, visiting from New York, when encouraged to try poi for the first time, lightly licked the tip of the spoon, turned up her nose, and exclaimed, I don't like it! I was taken aback, of course, and responded sharply and sarcastically, oh, I didn't know you've eaten Elmer's glue!

Our nave friends and relatives aren't the only ones putting down poi, some well-known folk have as well.

One can't think of a more benevolent, non-offensive food. In ancient Hawaii, the cultivation of taro was associated with the god Kane, procreator and life giver, provider of water and sun. Women were allowed to cultivate other crops such as sweet potato and ere said to have eaten 10-15 pounds of poi a day. My hair was coiled up and pinned securely so that there was no danger of getting a strand of it in the poi.

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