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This format is intentionally simple, for reception by a wide range of user hardware.This format, called the Quick Block Transfer (QBT) Protocol, is used across all of the EMWIN dissemination methods, whether Radio, Satellite, Internet or direct cable.There are a few key things you can do to improve your odds of successfully dating. Go out for the purpose of having fun and making friends.

Note: the broadcast is receive-only -- hence the receiver has no means of notifying the transmitter of any block errors or of requesting retransmission of individual blocks.

Instead each product is usually transmitted at least twice, to "fill in" any blocks received in error.

For example, most current EMWIN Radio broadcasts are receivable, when demodulated, as async 1200,8, N,1 while the Satellite broadcasts are async 9600,8, N,1.

Each product or file is sent as one or more packets, which are numbered 1.. Because the data is packetized, a particular product can be gracefully interrupted by a high priority warning or alert product and then resume.

If writing your own code, be aware of the "byte stuffing" described on page B-27.

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