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First, it is quicker: it doesn't take long to obtain a sediment core sample, whereas a sediment trap has to be left in place for at least a year to produce useful results.

Second, use of Ra-Pb allows us to measure the sedimentation that has taken place over the course of a century or so and average it, reducing the effect of small-scale fluctuations on the figures we obtain.

Also, consider what happens when, shortly before you graduate PA school, your best friend introduces you to the love of your life and you get married.

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Do you get a certain increase in respect being a PA vs being a nurse?

My background - I'm currently in the healthcare field working in a private lab as a Medical technologist.

If you can get girls outside the work setting, you probably won't want to get girls in the work setting since you have a much safer option that doesn't add drama to your work life.

However, I suppose it does statistically increase the odds that you'll get to know someone you really connect with.

However, it can be used to gauge the rates of deposition of marine sediment as an alternative to the use of sediment traps.

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