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You probably don't want to ask this out of the blue (! If you find your date is a foodie with a fully stocked refrigerator, you may have struck gold. Do daters sometimes actually forget to ask this one? Finding out what someone does is obviously a must, but also important is observing if they are passionate and positive about it.

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Sent by Bling Myself on June 9, 2004 Is there an equivalent table for us gay men?

If personal ads are any indicator, once a guy hits 39 he won't speak to any guy over 35.

Sent by bu on February 19, 2003 Get rid of the 7 IMO.

;) Sent by DK on March 3, 2003 you fucking assholes. Sent by The Sausage King of Chicago on March 28, 2003 I believe the 7 is so that they are legal, so that would mean for Alabama and Mississippi it would have to be -7.

You might learn something really amazing about your date - or something really run-for-the-hills scary. This can be asked in different ways..just saw Piers Morgan ask it of George Lopez on CNN. This tells you what is near and dear to your date's heart and could lead to a great conversation as well.

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