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Most love their business; many are making a good living although admittedly some are struggling.

The most successful operations have done lots of homework before the first tank was ordered or shovel of dirt turned.

When starting a winery it is very important to have an accurate picture of what you will require in the way of assets.

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If you plan to open a winery in the state of Ohio, the following, supplied by our Division of Liquor Control will be an excellent resource (format): Ohio Winery Basics These pages of our web site are devoted to a compilation of ideas from successful winemakers and informational articles collected over a number of years.

The Ohio Wine family wishes you well and looks forward to getting to know you!

While many wine-making operations start on a shoestring, eventually the money will have to be spent if the owner wants the operation to be more than a hobby.

One thing is certain, lack of funds will slow, or even kill tour business, taking a lot of hopes, dreams, sweat and equity with it.

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