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Since acquiring Skype, Microsoft has integrated it with its Office 365, Bing search engine, Xbox, and other offerings.

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Everyone can start hacking the adapter code, or launch his/her own bot within a few minutes now. Prerequisites: If you are not a developer and just want to run the server - see deployment methods. It is based on Gitflow Workflow, reference section below is derived from Vincent Driessen at nvie.

Please head over to the Hubot Integration Project for more information. See also this Git Workflows Comparison for more details. If you want to help, send an email to support at to be invited to the translation project. Please review and sign our CLA at Chat/Rocket.

Skype, on the other hand, provides an Internet-based phone service with video features as well. Its user base runs into the millions, and it has been well received, particularly for international calling.

Acquisitions As a result of the tremendous growth of Whats App and Skype, these brands have been acquired by Facebook, Inc.

It is a great solution for communities and companies wanting to privately host their own chat service or for developers looking forward to build and evolve their own chat platforms. Github Issues are used to track todos, bugs, feature requests, and more.

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