Mixed racial dating

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The closest person in the public eye I could identify as looking remotely like my mother (and her ’80s perm) was Miles, a four-year-old black boy on Sesame Street.That’s a telling story: I was in preschool when my teacher asked me to fill in the blank, “My mom looks like ______,” and I wrote “Miles”.

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I began to see what reverence and passion are possible between two bodies, even when (and especially when) those same bodies will be judged harshly in the light of day based on the color of their skin.

These uniquely special partnerships catalyzed the beginning of my faith in relationships where more expansive definitions of physical beauty could be uplifted. I was able to be nothing but my nerdy b-girl self when a man of color chose me.

” While Baker’s essay rehashed familiar and stale conversations about interracial dating, perpetuating single-race binaries, it also forced me to explore where my personal preferences for black male partners originated.

Was it because the freckled redhead in grade school never gave me so much as a look while the brown boys awoke every cell in my body with just one glance?

And the truth is that I have gravitated toward black men above other races not because of any fetish or imagined cultural match but because, more often than not, I found myself drawn to relationships with them because they praised my imperfections, didn’t critique them.

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