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Compared with grand-children in intact families, grandchildren in single-parent andstepparent families report engaging in more diverse, higher-quality activities with their grandparents (Kennedy & Kennedy,1993).

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A growing concern among grandparents—especially thoseon the noncustodial side—is maintaining relationships withgrandchildren after parental divorce.

Increasingly,grandparents have stepped in as primary caregivers in the faceof serious family problems.

SES and ethnicity also influence grandparent–grandchildties. This desire may stem from a deep-seated evolutionaryurge to protect and advance the next generation.

Whichever method isused, generativity tends to increase in midlife (Keyes & Ryff,1998a; Rossi, 2001, 2004).

A positive bondwith a daughter-in-law seems particularly important in the re-lationship between grandparents and their son’s children(Fingerman, 2004). ”exclaimed Trisha as she and Devinreturned to their room to grab theircoats. The midlife years were not as smooth for two of Trisha and Devin’s friends.

Midadult dating com

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