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Having just read Vicki Vantoch’s have to deal with your homophobia – ! I realize that much of what I might have to say about triads probably applies to all sorts of other non-monogamous relationships, but I’m choosing to frame this as a triad post anyway. So I’m not gonna spend a lot of time on the various ways you can organize the gender balance of a triad relationship in order to best work around whatever your sexual orientation might be, nor do I make any assumptions about people’s desires based on their genital arrangements or gender identity. Sometimes one member of a couple gets involved with someone, and the vee eventually morphs into three-way love.

I do not assume the gender or orientation of any participant. Sometimes a larger poly formation is whittled down by break-ups and what’s left is three people who are all into each other.

I’ve never actually met a guy looking for a couple to date in this way, but I can see the appeal of wanting the share the responsability of pleasing and entertaining a woman with a man who is a good friend and companion.

I can also see the appeal of weathering her worse moods together. 😉 For the males out there: how would you feel about sharing a girl with a guy friend?

The host also brought on a former date of Ian's who said it was too weird for her.

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