Mashable online dating infographic

by  |  20-Jun-2015 01:58

A couple of weeks ago, we relaunched the infographic (see below; click to enlarge), after giving it a complete overhaul, to coincide with Earth Day.

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Whenever you can tie linkbait in with a timely event on the calendar, you stand to get a lot more traffic and traction out of it.

Web searches for "Earth Day" and related environmental queries spike around April 22, and people's interest in the topic is generally piqued.

OK, maybe not comment spam per se – I'm not advocating for carpet-bombing blogs in unrelated spaces.

But dropping a link in a comment on a relevant post can actually be a worthwhile way to draw some attention and traffic to your site, even if it doesn't result in an editorial link.

Here are three reasons why I think the relaunched infographic outperformed the first version by a large margin.

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