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After two years, he got a chance to play as an understudy on Broadway playing Freidrich in the sound of music.He had a role in Arice Posin’s, the chumscrubber, the HBo miniseries Empire Falls.

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Lou taylor pucci dating

Pucci went on to star in a multitude of indie films, including The Chumscrubber (2005), Fast Food Nation (2006), The Go-Getter (2007), Explicit Ills (2008), and Carriers (2009).

Most recently, Pucci had starring roles in the 2013 Evil Dead remake, as well as The Story of Luke (2013) and Spring (2014).

At this time, his acting was liked and admired by everybody and which also helped him to establish as a best actor in the industry.

He also played a starring role in Evil Dead, which was set in 2013, and it is the remake based on Sam Raimi’s of 1981 original.

Likewise, he appeared in Chumsorubber, Fifty pills, Fast Food Nation, Tales, Go-Getter, Explicit Ills , Informer, Fanboys, Horsemen, Carries, Beginners, All-together Now, Evil dead and many others.

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