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Ideally, this means a 5-10 walk from platform to destination (15 minutes at the absolute most).

Two; all dates must be genuinely great destinations.

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Rather, go out with the idea you’re going to meet a friend.

Make sure you go with the mindset that this will just be one page in the book, not the whole book, explains Portland Singles.

To decide what makes an idea great, we went with popularity – at the time of writing, every date idea mentioned scored an average of 4 stars or higher when its rankings on Yelp, Trip Advisor and Google Maps were averaged.

(OK, so we had go with a 3.8/3.9 for Scarborough and North York! Finally, we wanted some diversity in our date ideas.

Toronto has already seen bar maps and restaurant maps, and we've picked date ideas before, but now we have a map that showcases date ideas for all tastes and budgets, (colour-coded for your convenience! Simply click the subway map below to locate the best date idea in your part of Toronto, or read on to find out more about each spot.

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