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Great site, by the way - very helpful for me as well as for my pupil. Hoi Pien, Misschien kun je zelf zo'n boek schrijven? If you feel like extending your group of pupils, you know where to find us. Groetjes, snoezig It may not be adult enough for what you're looking for, but I'm reading Harry Potter and find it both entertaining and challenging.

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This means that the sentences are short (hardly any subordinating clauses), the passive voice is avoided, they do not use five synonyms for one and the same concept, and so on. When I just checked the website, it was temporarily offline but perhaps you can try it later: For the more advanced -but no so advanced that they can read Harry Mulisch yet- there are lots of beautiful novels for children 12 .

I love every single book of Thea Beckman, mostly historical novels (my favourites: "Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek", "Stad in de Storm", and the trilogy: "Triomf van de Verschroeide Aarde", "Het Rad van Fortuin" and "Geef me de Ruimte").

I've read Thea Beckman in my early years and yes, great books! Another option might be to find a Dutch translation of a book the student is already familiar with in his/her own language.

I will go through my old books cases - I'm sure there's a Thea Beckman or a Jan Terlouw in there somewhere. The 'klare taal' newspaper is called Wablieft (not Wablief as I wrote before). I myself am having a wonderful time following along with Jip en Janneke -- children's books are great for a "Wow! Tolkien's "The Hobbit" comes to mind -- I'm not sure whether it was originally written with children in mind, but the text doesn't seem to be as complex as in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

But after 5 chapters or so, i had this vague idea of what it should mean.

Leben adult video chat website

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