Kaspersky updating problem

by  |  25-Nov-2015 09:30

Wait for the recording process to complete and click Finish.

This is done with the help of a random number generator which will give you random numbers for input.

However, it is not really random at all if you know the formula and only the 'creator' knows the number.

Your Kaspersky subscription is managed directly from Geek Squad and updated automatically.

If you see this error message in your application, it implies that your internet connection was not live when trying to update the license information.

I've tried looking for an answer, but i can't find one, so hopefully someone here knows what is happening? and yes, you shouldn't use two internet security software at the same time. I wouldn't advice you to use Norton or any free internet security software. And just for the record I have used both Norton and Kaspersky and this whole high resource utilization thing about Norton is an utter nonsense since I have hardly noticed any difference with the performance from start up to the running of multiple process smoothly.

Kaspersky updating problem

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