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Call 866-276-3354 or email us and discover Deli with a Difference.There are three types of people in this word: those who can't imagine life without caffeine, those who hardly ever drink the stuff, and those who want to ditch the habit but are too nervous to try. Here, you'll find easy ways to wean yourself off the coffee and soda, as well as the intel on all the stuff that happens to your body once you've kicked off your caffeine detox. For many, caffeine is one of few things that makes surviving their 9 to 5 possible.

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Here's a stat that will leave you feeling jittery: According to the U. Food and Drug Administration, 90 percent of American adults consume caffeine every day. And many of us feel like we can't even wake up without the stuff—whether it's a workday or not.

Finally, there are those whose routines no longer involve coffee runs and trips to the soda machine—people will iron-clad willpower who claim that ditching their caffeine habit completely changed their life.

And to take the edge off, try noshing on some of these 11 Foods That End Bad Moods. During the first few days that you go caffeine-free, you'll probably feel totally run-down.

But after you make it through the withdrawal period, you can expect to see your energy levels soar!

The reason: People who consume caffeine on the reg (especially those who sip in the afternoon and evening), often sleep less soundly than those who don't sip stimulant-laced drinks.

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