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(I haaaate the phone, and I certainly never had time for long lovey-dovey talks when I was at the firm.) Some people like to be taken to really nice restaurants or the “hot” new place, which your date may or may not be able to afford (either for you or for him).

This will differ with every relationship, but it may especially come into play more if you’re dating someone with more time than you, less money, or both.

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If you always envisioned yourself staying home with the kids for a few years, is that even possible if you continue to date him? As things start to get more serious with the person you’re dating, you should take a look at how compatible you are financially.

I don’t mean that if you have X saved, he should have X saved — but rather, look at if and how you save. Try it for increments such as $25K, $75K, $250K, $500K, $1M, $2.5M — and see how you both approach the question.

And I’m sure Candis feels the same way about Caitlyn.” The insider also says: “The bottom line is that Caitlyn is finally getting her life in order exactly as she wants it ….

Miranda Lambert, 32, has finally found a new man in musician Anderson East, 27, her first relationship since her heartbreaking July split with Blake Shelton, 39.

Hollywood has found out just how Blake’s heard the news that his ex is moving on.

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