Online dating for sex - Intimidating questions

by  |  17-Feb-2015 16:29

Thirty-eight percent reported that 3-5 individuals were involved, and 19% reported repeat occurrences with more than 5 individuals during the past year.

Nurses with less than 2 years experience also reported fewer individuals involved in repeated encounters, but the number steadily rose as nurses gained more experience.

Furthermore, nurses with less than 2 years experience reported less frequent effects from workplace intimidation than nurses with more experience, with one notable exception: newer nurses had asked another professional to talk to a particularly intimidating person more often than experienced nurses.

For example, respondents reported that physicians/prescribers often used condescending language, were reluctant to answer questions or return phone calls, and were impatient with questions at least twice as often as other healthcare providers.

Sixty-nine percent of respondents told us that physicians/prescribers had often (12%), or at some time during the past year (57%), stated: "Just give what I ordered;" whereas 34% of respondents encountered similar pressure from other healthcare providers to give what the prescriber had ordered.

Almost half of the respondents reported more explicit forms of intimidation during the past year, such as being subjected to strong verbal abuse (48%) or threatening body language (43%).

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