dating keeping conversation shy - How to start online sex chat conversation

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Freecocoa: under 3rd mainland bridge hawkingseun: that nice, i hawk near toll gate at lekki, what product do u hawk?

If this doesn’t peak her interest, she most likely won’t read any further.

A study by Sidekick says the perfect subject line is unique to the recipient and contains 30 characters or less, just to name a few suggestions.

dadicvila: Wow So many funny replies, @Ignis i am even older than your father,but this topic is not about age,even a 90yr old man will find it difficult chatting with girls of nowadays, Freecocoa,mynd, Revlution and Goldieluks tanx for your responses Lol at all da replies on this thread, but there is something I have discovered though, and it is very simple, IT IS EITHER SHE WANTS TO CHAT WITH YOU OR NOT, if the girl feels lyk chatting with you, you will know it, if she doesn't feel like, no amount of tricks here can do it, so next tym when you send a message and she reads and doesn't reply or all she does is ' k, aiit, brb, lol, lmao, cool,' delete her sharp sharp, life is too short mehn,190: hinatasha: hey190: how u doin? 190: am gud toonatasha: nice190: oknatasha: ok(boring chat) seun: hi girlfreecocoa: hiseun: watsup u look smart!

Freecocoa: am gud, u re handsome too,seun: i wil lyke to knw u more, wer u from?

Likes,dislikes,favourite stuffs,movies,music,religion,games,novels,academics etc. So, i understand why many girls dont really respond to guys when online. If its based on normal plain talk,they are quite interesting to chat with.u guys dont just get it. Girls have so abused that letter, My best chats are with girls that are excitable and are always willing to have a conversation.

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