High cpu 0 resource child updating esx 3 02

by  |  22-Jul-2016 23:33

In more details, the general rule of thumb for the A load average of 1.00 means that the CPU is busy all the time but there is no single process waiting for the CPU (no processing congestion).

high cpu 0 resource child updating esx 3 02-39

If you do have a load of 1 and then spawn another process that normally would tie up a CPU, the switch load should go to 2.

With a load average, the switch will give you a good idea of how consistently busy it has been over the past 1, 5 and 10 minutes.

CPU-bound load is load caused when you have too many CPU-intensive processes running at once.

Because each process needs CPU resources, they all must wait their turn.

For example, if the value is 1.8, it simply means that the processor is busy all the time, and moreover there are processes waiting for the CPU time.

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