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by  |  20-Aug-2015 04:49

First, verify that no CD or diskette is in your computer.

Right, I have a huge technical problem, and desperately need some help.

I sincerely hope that you guys are able to help me in some way.

However, when I restarted the machine, it now fails to boot.

The BIOS claims to be a 2007 version, which I downloaded, even though it supposedly never installed (it used to say it was 2006). I googled the situation, and discovered that it is a fault with the motherboard, that the onboard bios flasher is faulty, and that everyone who has ever tried to update it has received the same problem, and there is virtually nothing that can be done within the machine to repair it.

Basically, I have an Acer T180-UB7Z here, and it was working fine, par the bad ram. I downloaded the most recent bios update for that specific model, from Acer's website, so I know it wasn't a bad copy.

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