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A pair of nice flip flops (thongs or slippers if you prefer) is a must. Unless you are just a beach bum, you will end up going on a trek in the jungle, perhaps even a mountainous region of jungle.There you will encounter super slick clay…soles on your fancy hiking boots won’t provide good traction and you will slip around.

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Getting new clothes in SE Asia is rather easy and cheap.

At the worst you may have to get some cheesy t-shirt in a tourist ghetto or custom made pants, but it will still be very cheap.

This advice goes for beaches, temples, and national parks as well.

It’s hard to know what your threshold for such places is if you haven’t done extended traveling before, but if you have a loose list of must see places, you can work it out so you arrive at a must see beach or jungle without thoughts bouncing around in your head of how nice it would be to see snowy mountains or a desert.

Think of it this way, if you were going to spend $300 dollars on travel clothes, you just wasted, at the least, a weeks worth of travel.

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