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Training tips:1) Set your stats at the start of the Naruto game, you get 20 points to add on.

charm is for flirting, chakra is for your chakra rnrnmeter, (more points you add on the more bars you get), strength is for strength, hp (if you get strength high enough you rnrndouble your hp), and intelligence, if you max it out and then you can buy demon wind shurikans from kakashi.2)Remember the character naruto likes chakra, sasuke likes intelligence, and lee likes strength, if you max them out (99 points) then you get to buy new items.3) Gain money at the academy by teaching, the flower shop by working the cash register, and the town hall by doing missions, each cost hp.4) If you lose all your hp but still have chakra, go to the hot springs and select invigorate (it takes one of your chakra bars and makes it into 20 hp) and if you run out of chakra and still have hp goto the hot springs but this time click relax ( it will take 20 hp and make it into a chakra bar).5) A tip is max out your hp and chakra (do this at the training grounds), then you can raise more stats during the time period of one day.6) Max out your charm, before you start talking to the characters.

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This way you can raise their hearts faster with maxed out charm (raise charm by gardening at the flower shop).7) you talk to the characters at the bridge, forest, and gym before being able to talk to them at their house, when talking to them try to make sure you don't upset them or they lose a heart.8) When you go to someone's house keep talking to them until a screen pops up.9) Before you spar, make sure you have sajura's strength and chakra pretty high ,70 maybe, if not maxed out.10) During battle you use shuriken, kunai, and demon wind shuriken, to recover chakra the make-out paradise book gives you full chakra.

Ramen fills two bars, to recover hp use the bandages which gives you 50 hp.

DATE: Author: sporimcris As Sakura, date Naruto, Rock Lee, or Sasuke. Naruto Dating Sim What happens at the end of the Naruto dating sim game - The Q&A wiki Watch Later Error Naruto Dating Sim for Boys! You have a chance to have sex with whatever guy you made a good relationship(Sasuke, Naruto, or Rock Lee) if you didn't make a good relationship with any of them. Naruto Dating Sim Sasuke Walkthrough Free Online Game - Naruto Sim Date from Arcade Naruto Dating Sim 2 Games // Play - FREE Games / Play Free.

Watch Later Error Chronos Days Sim Dating Game Ending by. Naruto Dating Sim Help Naruto dating sim cheats - You Tube Naruto Dating Sim 2 Games // Play - FREE Games / Play Free.

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